[HELP] Have Problem with 4k Monitor

currently I have problem with hiDPI on 4k monitor
Some facts here:

  • If I use “yellow” cursor (Software Cursor), it will work fine on 1080p monitor (click on ground and move character, manipulate with widget fine like drag and drop)… but it fail when use on 4k monitor…
    **- **If I use the “blue” cursor which drawn on EventReceiveDrawHUD. I click on ground, my character exactly move to that position… but when manipulate with widget (click and hold for drag and drop) it dissappear and it stay behind all widget. Below is blueprint draw “blue” cursor

I have temporary solution is Disable Support HiDPI Interface in Editor Preference, after that the “yellow” cursor work fine like in 1080p monitor but all text in Editor is blurry, it is not sharp anymore