Help! Getting Illogical Results

Hi there,
I’m new to UE4. I’m trying out something and can’t understand why I’m getting bizarre results. Maybe someone can see the problem. I would prefer a good old fashioned IF or ARRAY statement to grab the actor name and location for an On Actor Hit event. I’m thinking the language doesn’t like reuse of procedures. Any help to solve this problem and advise on best practices with the programming would be appreciated AND if there is a way to see and compare the C++ script to the node view, please let me know how to make that happen. If there’s a language reference document for ALL functions, please pass a link along.

Here’s a video clip of the gameplay

From it you will see the projectile hit and open Drawer01 first and then the projectile hits Drawer02, but instead of opening, it flies out into the middle of the room.

As you can see from this screenshot, the nodes are identical, except that Drawer03 (and Drawer02) is using a copy of the Event Begin Play node

Here’s a screenshot of Drawer03’s timeline. It’s pretty much the same as Drawer01’s, although I reduced the distance by half to see if it helped with Drawer03. Drawer02’s timeline is exactly the same as Drawer01’s and it has the same strange behavior as Drawer03.

Is there a way to copy the entire procedure and just change the actor name references manually as script text? I suppose not. Any ideas on how to create an array for actor names and then concatenate strings to create instruction on the fly would be good. Wake me up if I’m dreaming here! LOL! :slight_smile:

Thanks to anyone who can help.

Never mind. I resolved the issue by moving a few node wire around. :slight_smile: