Help getting Dino to attack object.

So my ultimate goal is a kind of “survival” mode where dinos are spawned, that then march across the map to destroy an object at the center of the player’s base.

But I’m having difficulty getting the spawned dino to attack an object.

What I’ve tried (I may be going about this completely wrong)

  • Add a Thatch_Floor to Trike AI Controller Wild Targeting Desire Multiplier Classes
  • Add element of 9999999.0 to Wild Targeting Desire Multiplier Values
  • Checked Use BPTargeting Desire
  • Run Island Map
  • Spawn in Trike
  • Create Thatch Foundation in front of Trike

But unfortunately the Trike does not attack the Thatch Foundation. Any ideas?

I also need an invite to the Ark Modding Discord, I found a link but it says expired now.

Ages ago I tried to get this working also… specifically I was trying to get large carnivores to attack rafts as it annoyed me having a dude on a little boat floating next to T-rex in a shallow river and the rex doing nothing.

When I looked at it, I determined that the problem was hard-coded and hidden. I supposed from a performance perspective you have to be really careful about how many objects are scanned for target suitability… and adding non-Character BPs could be really bad. Imagine a Trike wandering into a player area and there are a couple of hundred thatch bits to scan through and determine distance from.

Now imagine EVERY Trike scanning EVERY thatch bit with UNLIMITED distance… including areas that are in stasis!

Remember that example mod the devs made where the player is in the arena and has to survive waves of attacks? Might be worth poking through that… but I suspect the way they did it was to make the area very small and make the aggro range of dinos big enough to scan… but again only player character BPs.

Anyway… I suspect you might need to look at custom blueprint scripting… maybe every 10 seconds run the event. Maybe you’ll need to spawn an item that specifically never goes into stasis as well so that it can be actually found.

Cool idea though… maybe if you’re struggling or worried about performance issues… just try spawning in a single dino class (“Rogue T-rex”) that only aggros players, has unlimited aggro range… see how it goes.

Of course it’ll probably get stuck on a small rock and never get there… but that’s another story :slight_smile:

I can see the problem with artificially setting the dino’s target.

If only I could find a way to add an object to the dino’s natural target acquisition. If I could set the object high on the dino’s target priority list, then have it navigate to where the object is located, it should find it and engage automatically.

I believed that **Wild Targeting Desire Multiplier Classes **was exactly what I was looking for. I added a thatch foundation to this array, but the dino seems uninterested when I spawn it in.

This property may still be the answer but I may need to change some other setting as well(aggro settings?), trying to find documentation on this property and others has led me nowhere.

you should be able to just use the add to aggro node since the “attacker” for aggro is a plain old actor reference.

Can you show me how to do this?

Yes! This is exactly what I am looking to do! Could you give me some steps on how to replicate this?

Its just a looping timer with an octree looking for certain dinos within range and giving them aggro with the add to aggro node

Could you show me a tutorial on how to do that?

Thank you very much