HELP: Generating Random Static Meshes along a Spline

So here’s what I’m up to today

I created this roadside snow with the spline mesh tool.

I want to be able to do a few things with it:

1- Have it so that I can have an array of different models of various sizes randomly placed along the spline.

I’m thinking there’s gotta be a way to get this array to hook up to this set up

2 -Once I get this working then I want to be able to go back and manually swap any one static mesh instance once placed in the viewport so that it replaces just that one model at that location and not every instance of it.

3- In order to better blend these models together ( I’m starting out with some off the Megascans Library) I want to be able to have them overlap at their ends and control this overlap with an offset setting?

I also tried out this tutorial which does allow for controlling the spacing to get that blended models look I wanted by allowing adjacent static mesh overlapping but I cannot figure out how to make the model bend ( in shape) with the spline

I feel like I’m close and the solution is somehow blending these 2 different set ups. I’m gonna keep experimenting.

Any ideas?

You can do a multi-mesh spline like this:

My 2c.
Process the spline multiple times with a bluetility script.

You could instantiate the mesh to be added, and add the mesh each time the bluetility script runs,
( if it doesn’t already exist in the collection).

It’s complicated, sure. But you’d be able to truly randomize the appearance of any spline with it.