Help Game

Hello! I’m new to Unreal Engine 4, 2 weeks of using.Can someone give me some help whit an ideea or tutorial about how to make a lan game,teams selection, and one team to have a hitbox in which someone from the other team must enter to win the game,like a catch game. Thank you!

Here is what I do whenever trying to solve a problem, including those in game dev.

First breakdown your idea into its identifiable chunks, in this case you want a hitbox that must be entered to win the game.
So for this I would look up trigger volumes while you’re in the editor.

You want it to only trigger when someone from the opposite team enters, in this case look for your conditionals when picking the right node.

You want to have team selection so look up UMG so you can make the interface.

Once you have these down, if you still need tips on how to start with networking feel free to ask again but I think you have a good starting point. Obviously I haven’t written every step but a big part of being able to work independently is knowing how to look things up and follow through, if you get stuck on a specific please let us know~