[HELP] Funhouse branch - turbulence sample

I recently downloaded and build the funhouse branch 4.11.
I tried the flex demos, and besides setting up collision for the static meshes, the demos worked fine. I also managed to build my own soft body, using the soft body asset, in my own project.
My problem is with the turbulence sample. I can create my own maps, and use the assets provided, and they seem to work as intended. I cannot use the assets in a separate project. I don’t get any message, I can place them in the level but they just don’t do anything. I tried to use a grid asset, with a particle effect, and a jet. This worked fine in a separate map within the Turbulence project, but not a separate project I built. I see the options to create a grid asset and I can, but it does not interact.
Did I miss anything?