Help, function remove static buff...

hi, I’m new and I’m trying to make a first mod.

I’m trying to add a consumable object that gives a buff forever.

Like when you catch a fever and the only way to remove it is by using the antidote.

I managed to create the consumable object and the buff, but I can’t create the function that removes that specific buff, using another consumable object.

can you help me please?

Hi i can help you by this is not so heavy.
Now you need 2 buffs the feverbuff and the antidotebuff. On the item Blueprint you find Buff ti Give Owner Character. Insert here the antidote buff.

Now on the antidotebuff you must use Active Prevents Buff Classes here you must insert the feverbuff.

Now if you have the feverbuff and use the antidote it will deactivate the feverbuff.