[Help] Fully lock a wheel rotation with physics constraint

Hey guys,

I’m trying a very simple thing, but i’m can’t get it to work properly. I’m trying to lock the wheel rotation instantly on my vehicle, just like would happen if you pull the handbrake of your car, and the problem i’m getting is that setting the Angular Constraint Type (of the physics constraint of the wheel) to LOCKED when the handbrake is true, causes the wheel to instantly spin to the default locked rotation instead of locking in the actual rotation of the wheel, causing the hole vehicle to jump and do wierd physics glitches.

Here is a gif that can show better what it’s happening: Porn GIF — unfinishedgrandiaerismetalmark

And here is the blueprint (the PC_Pneu_TD and PC_Pneu_TE are the two physics constraints of the rear wheels):


Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Not sure if you can fix that problem, physics in unreal is applied in multiple ways and i think that vehicles have separate model from other physics component. They use same engine but its probably applied in 2 different parts of unreal.

But instead i think i havr solution for you. Games are not meant to be accurater simulations of reality, you usually fake it. So make your wheels invisible (and simple meshes/collision) then make visible fancy wheel models, and attach them to invisible wheels. When you break just detach visible wheel model, and update only position and location without wheel spin.

Ps. there are also people that know everything about wheeled vehicles in unreal. Join our discord and ask there you get some help for sure.

Hey, thank your for replying. I think I made myself sound like I was using the vehicle components of the engine, and i’m not. I’m using only physics constraints and applying forces to the wheels to make them spin and turn.
But, I did not know that there was a Discord group, thank you for telling me that, i’ll surely be there.

Also, I managed a workaround using Physics Materials for the wheels. When the handbrake is off, I set the PM of the wheel to the default that I made, and when the handbrake is on, I set the Physics Angular Velocity of the wheels to zero and set other PM for them with a very high friction. That got me what I was looking for, but this solution doesn’t make the wheels to “drift” like in real life, but for me this is more than enough.

Here it is the screen capture for those who stumble upon this:

Thank you.

Thank you for replying back with the work around, i will give that a try.

Was just playing around and what seems to be working is fo like you said and ste angular to 0 and then get the PC and set angular drive prams to a really high number adn it does lock the wheel.