[Help] From Space to Planet?

I am wanting to work on a small space game project but Im having one concern and one thing I am wanting to figure out beforehand. How would I be able to transition the player from flying around in space to landing or entering a planets atmosphere? Any suggestions on how this transition could be made or whether it could be all in one single level. Not too sure how to approach it. All feedback is much appreciated! Thank you!

What have you done so far?

I have the base for landing the ship on a surface and walking around to then getting back aboard the ship and flying off. Since the current map is just a flat surface I’m not too sure how to approach a planet effect without doing one of the planet gravity tutorials where you walk around a sphere but it just doesn’t look all that great.

How realistic / cartoonish / minecraft-blocky / voxel are your game-style graphics at the moment?
Do you already have a space section with Atmosphere + Skysphere / Skydome to fly though etc?
Gravity: Is this a Super-Mario galaxy/universe size planet / what kind of gravity solution is needed?
It’d be helpful to see some Pics. Meantime have a look at these then say more about the end goal:…dural-universe…s-with-editing

**Art Style: **I am aiming towards a Low-poly styled game with my own stylised textures when I get around to it.
Current Progress: Currently I have a skysphere which uses my material for space. I did have flying till just recently due to not liking how I made it and wanting to redesign and change it completely.

I have some target goals and examples of what I’d like my flying to be like and potentially the future art style. Here is some links of what I’ve been referring too and what I’d like my current end design and game to be like.

Furthermore, this first link is 100% how I’d like to recreate my ships control but Im lost on how to approach or do this so any help in that would be amazing! In addition, these videos do planet entry differently since its a loading screen and switching levels. But i’d like to see if theres a better way around it to make it feel more smooth like you are never loading anything new or to simulate actually entering a planets atmosphere.

Thanks again and any help with these things would be much appreciated!

p.s sorry for the late response I’ve been busy as of late. :slight_smile:

Check out Jacky’s Viper Project. Play around with it, see what you like / don’t like as regards control…