Help form C++ Gurus. (Urgent)


I am researching ways to achieve Projection matrix modification.
There’s some not so active treads with quite busy members about that.
Some of users shared cpp and h files for plugin here

There’s 3 files MyGameViewportClient.cpp , MyGameViewportClient.h , Utils.h
But there’s no any useful coments or readme for proper use.

I am not expert of programming c++ and don’t want to spoil anything in engine
although I just suspect where to put them. And I am not sure how to lounch them
or they will be executed by engine automatically.
Would You help me to understand where and how to use those files, maybe
some suggestion if there’s some improvements needed?

I am considering also business type cooperation if You are not having time/motivation
for non-paid help, because experiment I am involved in must be made soon.
Anyway, telling that I just need to be coder to make this work doesn’t help much,
I would be appreciate for constructive suggestions or instructions.
BTW - I understand that this “projection matrix mod” would be demanded as complete plugin,
so maybe someone of You would consider to dive into this challenge.

Thank You very much!

Hey kor6en,

Are you trying to change the project matrix for the entire game world or for a particular actor? If its the first, I assume its not some regular perspective/ortho projection that you can just set in a CameraComponent?

I think that the best would be to change projection matrix on material of the object I am looking on through(like portal) with SceneCapture2d…If I could that I could just make this material for whole PostProduction.
Projection matrix change means that projection from camera to plane is not normal…with that You can achieve augmented reality effect on viewer of a screen tracked by kinect or other eye/head position tracking device.
In other cases - its possible to achieve real mirror and portal effect for 1st person. But in my case I need this particular anamorphic deformation of view on 2d.

I am really REALLY interested in this. If you get anywhere please let me know how you get on.


C++ experts. Where are You? Maybe some of Epic guys could help?

Unreal Engine is really poor documented in the AR / Matrix area. There is very little tutorials or help of any kind around :confused: