Help for TCP IP Communication with Server/Client Plugin on UE4 Marketplace

I need your help for setup problem with this plugin:

I buy this Ue4 Plugin, Server and Client. I setup 2 projects, First on windows at Server.
Second At Android at Client.

The final goal is, My android tablet communicate with my Windows laptop with tcp on LAN.
With this two project in editor, and connection setup in localhost ( port 12345. All is ok.
The two editor communicate without problem.

After i build my two app. I push my Apk on android tablet and my windows app in my laptop.
This two device was conected At LAN, i have router from netgear for LAN Communication.
I define Static IP for each of my devices (LAptop is, and Tablet is
I Have disable firewall on laptop to avoid problem with security
And finally i have add Port Rule on the router (Open port 12345 for device.

I launch my app on my laptop and try to open TCP server, when i try i have error message who say :
“Server not started, please check your Ip, Port or firewall”.

My Ip is static at,
The 12345 Port is open on my Netgear open port interface at Laptop IP (
And Firewall is totaly disable.

I’m false at one parts of the setup ?

I need your help for setup this plugin in LAN, Thanks for your attention,