Help for snow particle follow camera

Hello the community unreal

I have a problem with unreal, My camera and my snow particle are “parent”, then i make a animation for test , and I look that my snow particle is forever late compared at my camera

e.g : i press play in the sequencer the camera the snow particle not follow my camera and not fall and if i press “paused” the snow particle fall

My goal, is that the snow particle follow my camera ( i hope that good explain my problem I make draw for good explain my problem ahaha in my attachement joint)

I chearch on internet (How do you attach a particle system to the camera? - UE4 AnswerHub) i think that is solution but i cant relied my snow particle at “attached to component” or it is fault ? i must find other solution more simple ?

in the wait a respawn, thank you at the community :smiley:

Thats just not how particles work. You need to set the particle ahead of the camera by the camera movement speed or more to get a consistent shot.
starting time you have to fake with a different method. A loading screen or something is normally used to put some wait time and have a fully functioning scene (where the snow doesn’t just start dropping out of your emitter right away).

also, you may have more luck with answers in the Rendering section.

hello thank you , i will go section render ^^

try enabling “Use Local Space” on your snow emitter (click on the “Required” component). this will make the snow particles follow the emitter actor (if you move it either manually or attach it to the camera). there may be adjustments needed in your particle though depending on its setup and your camera movement to still look good, as the particles might be too visibly following the camera. usually making the particles fall fast enough alleviates this problem.