help for noob

hello i want to start blueprint scripting with unreal engine but i dont know how to start (i know how to use the engine but i dont know the nodes so i cant use them and i think this is where i need to start) so if you could post in this thread links to learning them or i need to learn something else first to it will be a great help (i want to make a 3d rpg game if this is making anything helpful and i want to focus on that ) ty for any help

This guy has a bunch of good Tutorials as do many other people on YouTube.

I would recommend going through a how to series, as you will learn all the functionality that you need to set up a game, and once you get a better handle on how to set the different parts of the game up, it will be much easier to do in the future. Plus with a how to series you will learn all of the relevant things you need to build for a game, and you will start to figure out how all the nodes and events work. I’ve been at it for a few months and I am already much more confident in my ability to make BluePrints, as the visual element makes it a lot easier for me than trying to figure out how to write code.

If you don’t know anything for Blueprints, I would suggest learning the basics and simple things. Because it’ll help with understanding how they work. I’m sure you can find tutorials on YouTube like how to open doors, light switches and other simple things. Once you start getting the feel of it, look for more advanced stuff.

And once you get the hang of it you will start doing it just fine. That’s how I started. It’ll be hard to jump right in on the advanced stuff if you have no knowledge of them.

Start here - Blueprint Visual Scripting | Unreal Engine Documentation

Check out this tutorial series…

Its a little old, but it should work just fine.


Another helpful resource for you: Click

[Spoiler]Sorry for the nitpicking… But seriously, when you want people to sacrifice their time so that they can write you helpful replies, please take some time as well for making your request as easily comprehensible as possible…
Besides that: I guess the already posted resources should suffice more than enough for getting a start. Most of it is “learning by doing” anyway, so there is no need to study plenty of nodes that you probably won’t ever need. When you know what you would like to achieve (i.e., a pickup, a triggered particle system or whatever) you can try to find a blueprint tutorial for that. There are really plenty of video tutorials also on YouTube that guide you through the creation of also more complex blueprint setups. [/Spoiler]