Help for new Addicted :)

Hey guys, I m a completely new user and new to engines and sorry for my bad english too. Spend the last month withou sleep trying to wacth a lot of tutorials to try to learn something and for this I have buy the TopDown kit on the marketing… I kind stuck trying to do more states and health pickups without reverse damage since this I could do it…

I got just 3 questions please:

Health Pickups

  • Could u help me make a BP for the health pickups? I could not do… try… but only with the reverse damage… and its not god b/c she when gets the health we got a hit reaction … so I really need to learn how to interact with the health component…
    Above my actual BP:

New States

  • About states… already try a lot… heheh sorry. I think I get lost on the last step calling the state…I think… or is far from right… lol





Thank u for u that read until here :slight_smile:


I cant understand you very well but from the looks of things you are getting confused. If you want to use enums to drive animations the way I do it is this . So lets take dodging.
So enum = dodging
then in the animation blueprint create a boolean eg playerIsDodging

Then where ever you are setting this variable. Eg in the player controller you would do a check so if ENUM is = ENUM dodging = true then CAST to the animation blueprint and SET playerisDodging =true

Then in the state transition from idle to dodging do like you had in the first blueprint.
So isPlayerDodging =can enter transition

Thank u for the reply EniGmaa… I will try again… I think I miss the variable in the controller…