Help for installing OnlineSubsystemEOS from masterbranch

Iwant to make a dedicated server using OnlineSubsystemEOS plugin from masterbranch.

Hello i have pulled master branch.

I have copied the EOSSDK folder to my C:\UnrealEngine_release\Engine\Source\ThirdParty folder .

I have copied EOSShared folder to my C:\UnrealEngine_release\Engine\Plugins\Online folder .

I have added “EOSSDK” string to the build.cs of my project .

I have copied the OnlineSubsystemEOS plugin from masterbranch to the Plugin folder of my project.

I have copied and renamed as expected the EOSSDK-1.11 to the folder EOS of the plugin .

I still have compiling errors , what do i miss?

I really need this plugin i can’t pay 119 dollar for the marketplace version. Help would be greatly appreciated , thanks at advance.

the console output is the following337891-message.txt (32.6 KB)