help for game development

hello i am a beginner.
I have an idea for a game but don’t have the experience to develop it.
I’m looking for a person who might be interested in helping me and getting involved.
It would be really great if someone could help me because I do everything by myself.

Greetings @Ob_ivan !

We see that this is your first post in our forums! :medal_sports: Welcome to the Unreal Engine Community!

We’re very excited that you have decided to work with the Unreal Engine! Because you are looking for game devs with more experience to assist you on your project, I would like to offer a few tips in attracting games devs that would be willing to help.

  • What kind of game do you want to develop? (Fighting PVP, FPS, RPG, Mobile, etc)

  • What skills do you have? (Programming Languages, Art, Ideas, Object Creation, etc)

  • Are you offering payment for any game devs to join your project?

  • Do you have any visual art to include in your post? Or any art that depicts the kind of game that you are desiring to create?

To put things into perspective, if you are a gamer, you may have completed a game and have seen the long list of contributors in the credits. There are game programmers, character artists, animators, landscape and map artists, object creators, sound designers, writers, physics artists, level designers, etc. A lot of time and energy is invested into developing a game, and it could take years to develop, depending on the size and features of the game.

The biggest challenge would be finding people who have the time and commitment to remain on the project. To start, a great idea and payment are great incentives, but you must have a plan in mind to get anyone to seriously consider assisting you. When you get free time, please read this thread for more insight.

I hope this helps point you in the right direction. Do know that you have joined an awesome community, and we’re very happy to have you as a member! Happy Creating and Good Luck finding assistance for your project! I wish you much success! :blush:

do you use discord at all? add me there Etah620#3509