Help for Cloak Indom Saddle

Hey guys i want to create a Indom Mod with 2 kinds of Saddles.
1 Vanilla and 1 that allow the Indom to toggle Cloaking
So i think is some kind of graphing stuff.

I did add the default graph in the Indom_Character_BP with a X-Input its able to toggle the cloaking effect (material switch) but i dont know who how to add a “Check” if the CloakSaddle is Equipped or not.
I try to set a branch with a custom variable (cloaksaddle) tried to add a Event Play Equipped in the Saddle.bp himself with a simple set variable cloaksaddle true and false if unequipped but it doesnt effect the variable in the Character.BP

How can i handle this?
Optional i want the indom to disable the cloaking if the rider is unmounted.

On the dino bp add a “BPGet Item Of Template” set to the custom saddle with an “is valid” check. If it is valid allow the rest of the code to fire it not valid don’t let it fire

Works fine thanks P0k3r :smiley: u really helped me out (few times)

did u got any idea how can i make: if dismount change material to default? So he auto uncloak without any rider.

Event clear rider or something along those lines