Help for Camera Shake


I need to make a camera shake for about 0.5 seconds but it shouldn’t be a “shake” it should be more of a vibration with a bit of blur.

I already got a camera shake object but I have never used these before ever. Anyone who got a clue as to how you would make the camera shake “vibrate” more than “move”?

Looking for sth like this? Following it I believe that you’ll get the customization of this vibration you want

No because that shakes the camera violently. I’d like it to vibrate instead.

Sure thing, but can’t you just adjust the numbers to be very small, so that it isn’t so extreme? :open_mouth:

True but then I still need the motion blur that I’d like too. Any idea how I could implement that? Because I have no idea :')

These are the settings I ended up at:


I guess the blur can be implemented with a Post Process Material. You may want to google/youtube that.
I also remember a UnrealEngine Twitch Stream about that.

I made a solution I guess. Basically I put a post processing volume on the player and then I gave it the required motion blur values I wanted, made it unbound and disabled it.

Then whenever an obstacle is hit I fire an event I called “MotionBlur” which just turns on the post processing and then turns it off again 1 second later.