Help for a save objects in maps!

Hi, my name is Ramiro, i am working on a proyect but i am stuck in the save, the idea is that the player can grab objects but only one at the time, so, the player need to move objects one by one in some misions. The problems comes here, i can save the player location, item in hand, quests, etc. but, i cant save the objects in the maps :frowning:

how can i do this? i will go crazy xD


Have the objects you want to save implement a interface with Save() and Load() methods. When you call your main save function, do an AllActors() iterator on actors that implement that interface. Have the methods receive and return a JsonObject to store and load the data.

You should take a look at this “Gem” from the UDN docs: UDK | DevelopmentKitGemsSaveGameStates

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Thanks! i would try that :slight_smile:

Hi @Raickan. I see that this is your first post and I just wanted to confirm that you are working in UDK and not UE4. @Coldscooter’s recommendation is good; that’s the exact system I use for saving things in my own game. But all of the code there is in UnrealScript, which is only useful in UDK or UE3, and not UE4.

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Thanks @nathaniel3W i am working on UE4 , really dont know what is UDK haha, sry , but anyway was a good answers, because it lead me the way :slight_smile: