Help for a beginner

Hello. I hope I’ve found the right forum. I’m currently saving for school to take a video game for animation course. I was wondering what I could learn in the time I’m saving to help me along. Wether it be getting better at sketching or modeling in zbrush. Any advice helps! Thanks

So you’re wanting to go to school for game animation but are asking to get better at modeling… May not like this answer, but you should research more about the types of job there are. I would start with getting unreal and trying out simple stuff following tutorials. It might be daunting at first, so messing around is the best way to get familiar with it all. This way you can see if working in the engine is something you’d enjoy. And if not, then look into 3d software where you can create some basic objects and import those into the engine. We tend to use multiple softwares, which I expect your school to teach in more depth, but this would soften that learning curve.

I would say first learn the language. If you don’t know what IK is then you will have a problem understanding what your told. Get a note pad and pencil and write down what you don’t know as to word use