Help! Everything Look Small for Architecture Visualization

i’m working on a visualization project.i modeled entire project in 3ds max, Display and System units are in cm.
but when i imported objects in unreal engine everything looks a bit smaller.
not that small but you don’t feel greatness of the building and spaces and depth…
any suggestion for fixing that?

I can think of 2 possible causes for the issue you are having, because UE4 does use cm for units, and that shouldn’t be the problem.

  1. The FoV in UE4 is by default a lot higher than most render engines, animations, and photography. It’s set to 90 by default, a lot of modeling programs use closer to 60. If you are really into photography, you can find a focal length to fov calculator.

  2. Games exaggerate things to look good in first and third person in games. Doors are a lot taller and wider in games in order to make gameplay work better. You might be comparing the look for your scene to what a game typically looks like, and seeing differences.

You can also try playing Atmospheric Fog to force some extra depth in your scenes.

Thanks @ZacD
when i go to the project’s construction site and see the columns and compare it to this, it’s not the same… my project dose not give the same vibe…
i changed the fov to 60… it helped a lot… but it doesn’t look like the real life yet…
can i scale down the player some how… instead of the whole project?