Help entering and leaving a vehicle.

So I am making a game in which you sail around on an airship and you can get out whenever. I do this through possessing a vehicle blueprint and then flip-flopping to a first-person pawn. The problem is, I want the first person pawn to spawn right next to the ship. No problem right? well that’s exactly my problem. When press the button to leave, I to possess the first person pawn, but at some random arbitrary point in the floor, not next to the ship as I want. I’ve set the player to spawn at an arrow component of the ship, but it doesn’t seem to be working. if you guys could look at my blueprint… that would be great.

here’s an image of the relevant blueprint stuff. but if you need more specifics, I’ll provide that too.

Thanks for the help!

When you possess your flying pawn, you have to “get” your vehicle location / rotation (from transform or directly) add an offset to have the right location and set your flying pawn with them.