[HELP!] Enemy AI assistance

Working on a group project for our final project. We are having a lot of trouble with enemy AI. We look through numerous tutorials, but some are too complicated or no longer work with 4.9.2.

What we want:

  • Enemy AI will wander in a specific area.
  • Enemy will chase after player and attack them.
  • Enemy dies when shot by the rifle [Health system would be nice as well]

What we have so far:

  • Enemy wanders a specific area.
  • Enemy stays still instead of attacking

Any specific blueprints, tutorials, or ways we can achieve our goals? Any help is appreciated. NOTE: We are using the FPS Shooter default BP and the Infinity Blade Content Pack

Some pictures and a video of what we have.

AI in Action
[video]Martin - UE4 | Facebook | By Martin | Welp this is working...

Golem Animation BP

Enemy AI BP

We are using the UE4 FPS Starter Content, this is the projectile from the rifle

Check out Peter Newton’s behavior tree tutorials, it should give you what you need.