[Help] Editing Variables inside of an item array, inside a struct


I’m trying to dynamically change a value within an Item array within a struct. In this case I am trying to change the chance blueprint. I’ve spent many hours trying different things; Nested for loops changing variables, creating a new array where I put all the data in, Breaking then remaking the struct, ect… None of them seem to give the desired effect. Attached is a picture of the most basic concept of what I’m trying todo.


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The end result is that the blueprint is executing the default values of 0.2 instead of the 1 that I’m trying to force into the struct.


Have you tried forcing a replication update to see if it’s a matter of replication?


Doesn’t replication have todo with networking and multiplayer? I can’t even get it working in the Dev Kit Editor test environment o.O


Replication still occurs to some degree in singleplayer, it’s a rather strange way of going about it as singleplayer(no dedi-one client) appears, to myself at least, to soft-launch a self-contained server within itself.

The problem could be though in the process of trying to dynamically alter the crate after it’s spawned… which when you think about it logically does not make sense. You would want the change to occur before the creation(as I presume it’s like everything else where it’s all done on construction) as, if you’re aware, when you approach the crate the items have already spawned inside as it’s not like a wheel of fortune type deal where it’s random upon accessing/“using” it.

Even further up than that however, is the fact that it may be the same deal with trying to modify resource requirements for crafting(which is not possible) where WC have stated that kind of information is stored at the class level(raw/absolute data basically) and the ability to modify classes does not exist in-game. At least yet, they may end up coming up with a way - how I wouldn’t have the slightest idea - with following the track with custom crafting recipes, there may be something there they can use to facilitate it.

Though, do remember to consider this is pure speculation on my part, I’m not too familiar with modifying existing game assets - I prefer to create my own things(to leave my stamp on them) and I believe there are too many people recreating the same things over and over to bother - so take what I say with a grain of salt in this particular topic anyway.


I suspect you may be on to something when you compare it to modifying the resources for crafting during run-time. I haven’t played around with dynamically modifying crate requirements but I will try to take a look in the next couple days.

Is it possible to change the resource requirement scaling based on a .ini server config? I’d like to be able to setup something like “CustomItemCost=2.0000” to make CustomItem cost twice as many resources to craft. And is this done in the PrimalItemBlueprint? I can’t seem to figure out how to kick off this blueprint. Is there an event to set this variable when the server boots?