[HELP] Edit in-game UI


I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to change the UI of this game, but I can’t seem to do it.

Here is the download link if anyone could see what’s wrong with it, one folder with cooked mod and one with raw files.

Or do I have to wait until the new update to the ADK comes?


I’d wait till the 13th to do anything regarding UI if I were in your shoes (Total Compatibility update). Also I think quite a bit of the UI is not actually exposed to us still (a good chunk of it is though).

What exactly are you trying to mod in terms of UI in Ark? If I know what specifically you are trying to mod (PIE wheel, or main menu, escape menu, etc), then I’ll be able to better answer the question, and clarify a little more on what is do-able and what is not currently.

I’m just trying to change the player HUD a little by altering the size and color of the UI elements. I’ve already done it, the problem is getting it to work as a mod so that I can actually play with it.

Maybe it’s best to just wait for the new update and see if I still have problems then.

We have access to almost everything about the UI.

Did you make a copy of every UI widget and put them in your mod folder ? And replaced them in your HUD blueprint with your custom ones ?

The PIE wheel for example has been reported as not being accessible/modifiable by a few people, along with a few other things here and there, hence why I said that. Not speaking from personal experience, should of clarified that as well. I’ve tested some UI changes here and there, but not everything.

Yes, I have the ShooterHudBP where I changed the HUD to my custom one. I have custom map where I pointed to my PrimalGameData, a custom mod blueprint where I pointed to my custom HUD blueprint, and in the PrimalGameData I pointed the gamemode to my custom mod.

When I try to play it in the editor, it sort of works. Some things are changed and some stay vanilla, but it never works when cook it and try to play it.

Found out what the problem was, just made some stuff wrong but it’s all good now!