Help- Easy connect to source control for my team

Hello viewer,

I had been try to set up source control for nearly half a year, set up source control from Perforce and Swarm.

My problem area is Intel 64 bit for remote computer ( for Swarm ) and I unable to fix it since. No answer from perforce support team since.

I want to know is there other source control out there?

Can I use my own host as source control?

Is there easy to set up he source control suit design/artist like me instead of programmer the code?

Please help me out with this and take this problem off my shoulder.

Hi, I dont undertand what is your problem exactly, probably due language limitations ( non English speaker here)
I want to know is there other source control out there? **
yes, there are.
Git, mercurial, svn, cvs among others.
Maybe you are asking for Cloud services?
In that case you have Assembla (for Perforce), Github, Bitbucket and a lot more.

**Can I use my own host as source control? **
Yes you can use a local repository server and serve it to your coworkers. The configuration depends if you need access from outside your network.
If you need that, you will need to configure your router to forward ports and optionally but recommened use some DNS service (like this one ) for manage your dynamic ip if you have an dynamic one.

Is there easy to set up he source control suit design/artist like me instead of programmer the code?
Well last week I installed perforce in my “home made” server and share it to a co worker in like half an hour,
The last official gamejam I installed bitbucket in the same server in the same amount of time.
so yes, its pretty simple.

Edit: here you have a tutorial for UE4 and Perforce

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Thank! I just gave up on perforce as it is too hard for me and Assembla is good and easy but $42.50 per monthly! I just sign up Bitbucket and use SourceTree, it said suit artist ( that me!)

Source control had been linked up with git and SourceTree is uploading my 4.5gb of my project… Finger cross!

My project had been uploaded successful. 5 hour of upload file. Heh

Then I shut down my computer, give it a rest. Then I start it up just hour ago and add newlevel.umap and checkout / submit… silent… nothing happen!

I check in bitbucket, there are no new commit. Bah

Are you using Git?
If so, you need to add your files -> commit -> and finally push to the remote server.
if you are using Source Tree as client, just add the files you want to commit from your working copy. (Select the file in the bottom panel and press the “stage selected” button)
-Then commit them (write a comment an hit commit)
-Once Commited the files still are in your **LOCAL **repository. You need to **PUSH **the files to the server. (just use the push button)

I want to use git inside unreal engine, keep it simple for both of me and my team.

How can I push to bitbucket?
In unreal engine, source control setting. Git path should be in my local desktop or path to my bitbucket?

I had been rearch. Follow tutorial correct.

Turn out my bitbucket was too full! That is why unreal engine cannot submit any updated files.

I need Git LFS for that, bitbucket don’t have that yet. Have to wait for new price plan come up.

5gb storage and up to 5 user sound good size for my team.

That explain why! Sigh… our licence for 3D max end in may… sound like we have to start a draft for Kickstarter to keep our project going…

i just setup perforce for my team, followed this tutorial, in this tut, they use vultr, you get 125GB hdd space, 1000gb bandwidth for $5 per 28 day month, billed per hour that your server is active. for me that’s an awesome deal.

i’v had trouble using their “consol” on the page to manage the server (space bar didn’t work) but you can use putty to log in real easy
as a bonus, they do promo codes for referrals, you get a free $20 credit for the person that uses your code, and a $30 credit for yourself if they are active for more than 30 days and spend $10 (shameless referal link :slight_smile:)

:Edit: perforce is free to use for up to 20 people

Cool. Didn’t know about vultr.
While last night I just thought of it through my sleep… idea pop up!

Test it out and it’s working!

Instead of use whole project for source control, pick single folder that we need focus on like art stuff. Git that!

Upload zipped up project on onedrive and on my teammate side, delete art stuff and clone it in using source tree.

With source tree it allwork smooth! With 590 mb useage instead of 4.5gb and hey, it’s free :slight_smile:

Haven’t try out source control within unreal engine yet. We are working on project at moment and will find out tomorrow once we got something add on.

I just found why my source control don’t working within unreal engine. The root of repository is incorrect, it is on top folder ( 4.5gb worth of files ) instead of focus on single sub-folder ( 590 mb one )

Need change root of repository to sub-folder… How can I do that?