Help Download of UR4 very slow

Trying to download the UR4 but only downloading at 250kbps. Have had the cable company out only to be told everything is fine. Internet rated at 36mbps and all speed tests show it drops to 25to28 Mbps when I start the download but only get the stated 250kbps. Has taken two days just to get to 25%. I do not have this problem with other programs or games. Am I missing an UN4 setting somewhere? Running windows 10, wireless connection with no change when I tried a hard wire. Thanks in advance.

Are you downloading ADK through the Epic Launcher?

Good question. At work so will have to wait till I get home. I can say it is from the path established by ARK.

Yes. I followed the path from the workshop info page.

Yes I’m trying through the epic launcher.

Then it’s most likely Epic’s side causing it or network congestion.


Thank you for the information. I was trying a complete download during the weekend so may have just hit a lot of network congestion. With the new update having everything consolidated on the Epic site i probably was compeating with all of the current modders updating their stuff. Will try again during the week.

Their CDN can be slow at times. I bet if you gave it another shot you would probably have better luck.