HELP - DodoRex makes game crash

Hey Community,

With the release of the new ADK I made my own custom DodoRex. I only modified his stats and removed his Graph that referenced towards the server message and Zomdodo obtaining. After cooking and uploading, as soon as I spawned the DodoRex the game crashes. With an error that said “GetHealthPercentage” …
Am I doing something wrong, if so can someone point me in the right direction? Or is this the same joke as with the Gorilla (Megapithecus) where you need the SotF files in order to make it work? If it is, it’s making people happy with empty air…

I’m sorry if I offend people, but I’m very frustrated (and sad) atm seeing as I’ve waited for the ADK update that includes the DodoRex. Can anyone please help (if you know the solution)?

Kind regards,

Hey Ennylia,

I’m experiencing the same issues. However, have you tried copying the DodoRex folder (from the ADK) to your server folder?
It might be that the game doesn’t recognize it. I’ll try it out if it works with a TC.

EDIT: If you copy all files from the DodoRex to your main folder and create a totally “new” DodoRex, it does work! (this includes SFX, Animations, etc.)


Thanks Rexcidium for your help! I finally got it to work :smiley:

Ennylia did remapping everything fix your issues too? I am running into the same issue. I have a custom dodorex that I removed all the graphing and changed properties to make it tamable, get xp…etc. But every time it comes into render range on my server, the server crashes.