Help! Different character behavior based on how level is started

I’m stumbling upon an odd problem. If I place a character into a level, have it autopossessed by player 0 and launch the level directly from the editor, everything works fine. However, if I open the level from a different level through the Open Level (by Object Reference) node, my character ends up all messed up. Instead of starting where the character has been placed as before, instead the character is shifted to a new location and sunken into the ground. The camera itself seems to be positioned in the right spot, but everything else, is not.

I’d post pictures of the code and blueprints if only I could actually narrow down the cause of the problem. At this point, I have no idea why theres a change in behavior here, so I cant even start to begin to isolate the cause of the problem. Does anyone have any ideas?

What pops into my head is that you are loading a level from a different one. There could be a difference in how the game mode is set up.

You say that you place your character in the level, but it is best to use a Player Start for spawning the player. I would guess the unusual placement of your character is at the world origin.

The parts of your implementation that would help most would be as many pictures as possible - the character bp, the level open bp, both levels showing the player’s starting position (including world outliner in shot), game mode settings, and any other bp that affects the character in any way.

I am loading into the level from a different one, but the game mode should switch to that pertaining to the level I’m loading into, no?

I seem to get the same kind of problem when I use the Player Start for spawning the player.

Heres the first set of pictures. The character implementation is all C++ code with a few hundred lines. I’m not sure what the best way it is to show that here.

Ok. I’ve managed to isolate the problem to the animation blueprint. Once I remove the animation blueprint, the spawn behavior is exactly as expected.

Odd, but glad you narrowed it down.