Help: Dialogue system/triggers

Hi, so first things first, I have no experience with C++ and I just started to get into blueprints, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not willing to learn. Thing is, I want to add a dialogue system to my project and through this I want to sometimes trigger either an animation or a top-side free camera view on a certain area, in this case a village.

This]( is a basic sketch of how I would like the dialogue to look like in-game. Text will be at the top, “next” button for moving to the next line/s of dialogue, and 2-3 options, where one of them can trigger the above mentioned, and the other option can be an inquire regarding said village area for instance.
This project is for my uni, and I still have a good 2 months to figure this out, so it’s no rush. I learn best from examples rather than theory but I won’t complain either way, and a link to a website or a guide that explains how one can do this for a beginner, would also be nice. From whatever I could find on this, I understand that something similar can also be done through blueprints ?! so if that’s also an option…
Any help will be greatly appreciated, as right now I’m pretty much stuck until I find a way on how to add said features.

If you want to use C++ you probably want to work with slate. I’m a beginner with C++ too, and this tutorial helped me a lot to get startet with Slate:

However, you could also use UMG, which as far as I know is much easier to use, and doesn’t require programming. I haven’t used it yet though and don’t know what it is capable of or how it even works.

That’s how you can utilize your dialog-lines. I don’t know how dynamic your system needs to be. If you need a lot of different dialogs for different NPCs for example, you could get a nice, modular system by using .csv -tables. Like this Driving Gameplay with Data from Excel - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums that’s how I handle my dialogues anyway.

I hope this helps a little bit.

Hmm, can you even use UMG for more than just creating your game menu ?! the slate bit is also focused on creating a game menu, but I’m not entirely sure on how it can be implemented in-game for use as a dialogue system. I will have quite a few npcs scattered around the map, and I want you to be able to interact with most if not all of them. Thanks for the advice though!

Yes definitely, with UMG you could use the ‘bind’ feature to link a text widget to a variable and display whatever text you want. So all you’d need to do is set up a widget blueprint, when it needs to be triggered, change the variable to whatever you need it to say then add the widget bp to the viewport.
You can of course change the variable again when the ‘next’ button is clicked.

And can this also be used to trigger an animation and camera view ?! would really like to see an example of how it can look like in-game if possible.thanks.

Oh yes, this is very much doable…there are many way’s in which this could be handled…look up the ‘set view target with blend’ bp node for switching camera, timeline and matinee for animations…All of these can be triggered using the same trigger volume.

I would recommend just diving in head first and giving it a try, a simple dialogue window shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to get up and running…