Help deleting a extra Root Bone

Hello, I need help deleting a dumy bone in Maya. What I’m trying to achieve is what this guy does in Max : UE4 How to Synch Animated Armor - YouTube , from minute 1:30, after he imports the mesh , to 2:40. In short, when you export a game character from UE4, it creates a parent bone for the original Root bone, so when you try to reimport it back to UE you get a error. Now, I have been able to recreate it in Max, trial version, but in Maya Lt Trial, I can’t, if I select that Bone, it just selects the whole skeleton and the mesh. I can’t upload the project files as it’s a Daz3d model and that would infringe on the copyright thingy.

Any ideeas, please?  

Thanks, Alex.