Help! Deleted project

Hi guys, today i accidentally deleted my project in UE4… I just clicked “delete local content” in Epic launcher. I still haven’t restarted my PC, nor Epic Launcher. Is there a way to restore it? Thanks.

-are you abel to see it in the project folder?
-is something in your Recycle Bin?
-you could try it with a “recover tool”, probably you will get back your project

It’s not in my projects folder, or in recycle bin. I tried system recovery, but that didn’t work :frowning:

Try a recovery tool, Recuva is a good one, and you can get the Recuva light for free. It will scan your hard drive and find files that you are able to recover, it is good that you haven’t restarted yet, so try the recovery software ASAP.

Edit: System recovery is just to rollback system changes, not changes to data as far as I know.

+1 on Recuva. I did the same thing myself. I was only able to a recovery bits and pieces from my projects though. Hopefully you’ll have better luck.

+2 on Recuva. I have used many times, but not on UEngine stuff yet. Never had problems with missing data though.

Sadly, it didn’t work. It’s strange though, after scaning Recuva showed some very old files, that i’ve deleted many months ago, but no sign of my recent project. Anyway, thanks for help, it look I have to start all over again.

use active file recovery software for recovering deleted files it works best…

**use active file recovery software for recovering deleted files it works best…


How to get accidentally deleted starter pack files without any trouble officially in unreal engine.( in 2020)**

first it is very easy and won’t cost much data


use epic game launcher software which you used earlier to download unreal engine

open it and go to library section then select engine version and click on verify.

it will search for deleted official files and re-download only those for you.