[HELP] Custom Dodorex Despawning after a certain time.

Hey All,
I am trying to make a custom dodorex for a mod I am making. However, I am running into an issue where it spawns however after 15 minutes it will despawn. Any idea why?I have removed all blueprints that refer to the variable DisapperInTime. But still, when I run it it will despawn. I have also tried to delete the variable but it still happens even then.

If anyone could help that would be awesome :slight_smile: sorry if it’s a stupid question but I have spent 3 hours digging through the dodorex files looking for any reference to the variable; but no luck.


If your dodorex is a child(not copy) of the original dodorex it will still run all the events on the parents blueprint graph if you don’t override them in the child. You will have to make a copy/reparent you custom dodorex blueprint or override the events to prevent the despawn timer.

Hi Mezzow, Thanks for the reply. However sorry to be a pain but I dont quite understand. This is the order of what I did. Did I do anything wrong or miss a step out?

  1. I copied the dodorex into my mod folder with all the necessary files
  2. Removed all existing blueprints from the copy so the Disappear in time thing.
  3. Added it to the spawner and did the stuff with the dino entry
  4. Making it look custom.

what else do I have to do?
Hope that cleared up what I did. Sorry again, I am quite new to dinos and this has just thrown me.

If you are using a copy that isn’t the issue. I looked into the DodoRex BP and it seems there is an additional default setting active to make the dino despawn: “Auto Fade Out After Tame Time”. If you set that to 0 it shouldn’t despawn anymore.

Thanks, Mezzow. That really helped. Much appreciated :slight_smile: