Help Creating Similar Metahuman

Hello! I’m trying to make a model of my reference in Metahuman but keep getting stuck and can’t find a way out. There are some features of my reference that I just can’t recreate on Metahuman and I was wondering if anyone could help? It would be much appreciated! Thank you!

While an incredible tool, MH is somewhat limited with certain finer modifications you’d need to recreate a reference or just have more control over things such as nostril/lip shape.

What you’ll probably have to do is get the MH character as close as possible in the creator, then modify it further in a modeling program like Maya and add it as a blendspace. There’s still more you can do in MHC to get it closer to your reference. For starters you’re going to want to change the complexion to one that is much older. Tweak the redness of the lips, raise the nostrils a bit and tweak the eye shape. The head and jawline can be a bit closer to the ref as well. And you’re going to want to widen the cheekbones.

Good luck. =)