Help creating poseable prop vehicle?

I’ve been looking at tutorials on prop / object creation and I’ve been having some trouble finding information on how to set up a poseable prop, can anyone help advise me?

I have a car model with separate wheels/doors as sub-objects and I want to be able to import this into my unreal scene and duplicate it to create a car park with several cars, however I’d like to pose each car differently with wheels turned and doors open or closed.

How do I set up my car object to allow this? The only information I’ve found seems to suggest setting up the car as a boned object with animations, but that seems like a very complicated way to achieve these simple poses?

Can anyone point me to a tutorial for poseable props?

I’m still hoping for some help with this issue. If I import my object it appears to be a solid object in UE4, despite being separate objects linked together in 3DS Max. I’m exporting as an FBX, but what am I doing wrong? Is it possible to import an FBX so that the separate parts are still editable/positionable in UE4?

You can turn off wheel auto-centering in the vehicle movement component. Then if you turn the wheels and exit the vehicle, the wheels will remain turned in the direction you left them.
As for doors and stuff. I think they’d need to be controlled by animations applied to the vehicle’s skeletal mesh. These aren’t difficult to create in-Engine. There are a ton of tutorials on youtube for this.
Poseable meshes can be controlled with blueprints, but can be a pain to work with. I made a 3 axis clay launcher with a poseable mesh and it was mare to set up.

Just import the parts you like to move (e.g. doors, wheels) as separate .fbx with their pivot at their movement axis, e.g. hinges for doors, center for wheels. then you import everything in unreal, make copies there and move the parts you like for each copy. no animation or whatsoever required. you could even use the “rotator” component to move then during runtime.