[HELP] Creating mortar and pestle.

Im trying to create a mortar and pestle. I have the new one added to engrams, its placeable and i can build it. Everything up to that point works. However, im trying to create a “Bulk” sparkpowder to craft in it and i have the new resource created but i cant figure out where or how to add this new resource to the mortar and pestle… Any help is appriciated!

EDIT: Got it working thanks to IONIC_OVERDOSE. This guy is a huge asset to this community.

In case other people have this issue it would be nice to post how it was fixed. You have a post here that I am sure people will see in a search with the same issues and yet neither you nor Ionic_overdose left a post here with the solution. Please feel free to post any relevant information to your success for others to find. Did he PM you with help or do you have multiple posts?