Help Creating Coordinates Based Movement for Dungeon Crawler

Was unable to find any information for movement in turn-based first person dungeon crawler so asking here.

I want to recreate this movement system for my turn-based dungeon crawler with blueprints but I don’t know how to, here is what I want it to include;

  • Move one square at a time by pressing button for either up, down, left or right with short animation
  • Hold down same direction button to keep moving in same direction without animation repeating
  • Hold extra button with direction button to move at faster speed
  • Rotate at 90 degree angle to face either north, south, east, west with short turning animation
  • Able to collide with wall with short boucing forward and back animation indicating cannot move turther

The information I found so far wasn’t suitable for I want to make so I hope someone here can assist me so I am able to make this, sorry if my english isn’t very good.

Im just a beginner but the most hard part to me is those map, cause im never have to deal with widgets so far. Everything else looks really not hard to implement )
Turning are just a constant changing of character rotation with timeline, as example.
Hold button for constantly move without animation repeating: as example - checking is input key down in the end of first animation, and constantly addmovementinput without playing animation again if key are down. And for stop character in center of a square we can check its world position and rounding some values, and we will not stop in somewhere between squares.

So far I have made a test map with walls like the image and video I linked to, I just don’t know what to do next.

Sorry if I ask something difficult, I am new to this software.

If you complitely have no idea that to do next - i recommend start from beginners video for understanding some basic about class, blueprints, and so on. Im quite sure you just cant start without some basics.

Some tutorials live that one might help: