(help) Creating assets for all platforms

So I use blender to create a few things of my own. But how would I go about to make things compatible for mobile games? The items I make and add materials to work fine in editor or launching for PC. But at times doesn’t load my item or material when launched on my phone. It has loaded some items on my phone but without materials. What settings do I need to have?

For best mobile performance/compatibility:
Don’t use too many vertices per mesh. If you have more than a few thousand vertices, it’s probably too many.
Don’t use too large textures. If you use larger than 1024x1024 textures, it’s probably too large.
Use texture / texture compression formats that are generally available – ATC for Android, etc.
Don’t use HDRI, refraction, real-time GI, soft depth, or any other such features that aren’t well supported.
There’s an article here that talks more about it: Materials for Mobile Platforms | Unreal Engine Documentation

Awesome thanks