Help: Creating a static mesh from another static mesh.

Hi all

Got the 500x500 wall. Added a material to it, made a slight change.

Now I would like to save this as another static mesh. I can do it with a BSP, but not with a existing static mesh.

Any help would be appreciated.



Just duplicate the mesh and the material -> then you still have the original one + the new :slight_smile:


The only issue I have is, that I want to spawn that mesh with the different material within a BP.

Example, 1st mesh is white and I want a black version.

I can not seem to edit the material when I edit the mesh.

Should I spawn, then add material?



It should be very straightforward to spawn the static mesh and then set “Set Material” on the component to modify the material.

Alternatively you could make a material with a Vector Parameter for the color, and then use “Create Dynamic Material Instance” pointing to your material as the parent, and then you can use “Set Vector Parameter” on the MID output to make any mesh any color within the BP, and then you no longer even need multiple materials.