Help creating a dead space like inventory menu


I’m pretty much new in UE, I started learning a couple of months ago and I do it mostly on my spare time.
I want to challenge myself with a demo of a 3rd person exploration game: inventory, objectives and all. So far I have my inventory system accomplished and even my inventory screen that shows all the items, you can use the items and they disappear from the inventory. I consider that a success :slight_smile: but I really wanna push things a bit further in order to keep learning through challenges.

I really love the dead space inventory system, where you can interact with your inventory while moving around and doing stuff. So far I replicated this visually with a widget component floating in front of my character as shown in the image below:

The thing is: I don’t know how to interact with the widget with the arrow keys or d-pad on the controller and keep moving and doing everything else, so far I tried the following:

  • Set Input Mode Game and UI and focusing on the inventory widget instance: this kinda works but I can’t close my inventory with the hot key assigned to it (if the I key or Y button is pushed the inventory should open/close) since the focus is on the widget and there the character controller stops working as it is, it changes completely the controller where I cannot move the character around and the analog stick moves between the items (the items are on a wrapbox)

  • Setting focus on the first item of the wrapbox after the inventory opens: again this kinda works but same problem occurs where I cannot close the inventory because the hot key doesn’t work any more.

If anyone can help me I would really appreciate it :slight_smile: I tried to simplify everything I’ve done so far but if needed I can share more info on how is everything constructed at this moment.

Or if anyone can brainstorm some ideas on how you could accomplish this that would be awesome too.

Thank you! :smiley: