Help: Create Blueprint Based on this.

Hi All

Looking for some help or advice.

I have 1 Blueprint that will be in my level several times. I want to run a 3D widget for each of these blueprints to show X data.

Now I Made a child blueprint and without casting I can see all the variables from the other blueprint.

I can see in the Components all the other details, like static mesh and alike. I can also see that I can not edit these details.

It has been hinted to me, that I can make a child BP, add a widget then reference that back to the original BP.

So for example I have 3 ovens, and the widget in front will show me the Temp of each oven, even though each oven is cast from the same BP.

Now when I made the child, I could add the Widget, but the widget has to be made first. So I removed Sensitive and made the script with the Variable needed (Of course there is a compile error)

But now I can still see the Static mesh, which I do not want, as I only want to see the Widget.

I do not want to add the widget directly to the static mesh, as my meshes grows over time and I think it will bury the 3D widget.

Any hints, tutorials or alike that I can go over to try to solve this problem?



you can always use a scene component that modify it self locally so that your widget component can have it as parent that moves around while your stove grows.
(obviously you need to be able to get the bounding box of your mesh and then move the scene component just right out side of it.)

OR, you can make your player hud dynamic so when you approach an object, it dynamically change your hud’s widget accordingly to interact with them.

So I could just put the Widget in my players BP, and on begin overlap, my player would get information from that BP, unhide the widget and display the data?

That could work just fine.

Will start to play with that and see how I go.