{Help} Craftables Are Messed Up!?

So after a long struggle i manage to get my previous problem solved (my structure not placing) i have fixed that now my problem now is i have connected my MotorAndPestle Inventory(renamed already) Via Components to my structure but when i go in to test mode and open the inventory it has nothing there, then created a normal mortor and pestle and that has no items in inventory no craftables so it basic as if it a storage place no items to craft…

I need help with this

screen shots

Note : for now i kept the default Items for the time being


What you have set up is the same thing as the vanilla mortar: it only shows the recipes if you have them learned. I’m not sure how exactly you want it set up, but here are some options:

  1. Add the aforementioned items as engrams to the player’s default inventory. That way, players will start with them learned. The problem is, those seem to be vanilla items, so it will mean automatically giving people the normal recipes, too. Setting up separate instances of the items and engrams might fix that.

  2. Set the “default engrams” to 0 for the items, but I’m not sure how exactly that is going to work - the amount of items, whether they’re going to restock or whether it won’t turn into an infinite supply of said materials since you can take things out of an inventory freely.

Note For above problem : i was stupid that the player had not had engrams

I have changed the defaults to what i want to be crafted however now , it give me the items instead of the option to craft them (my mod allows trading so Thatch for Wood etc due to it being hard and whole new inventory system i have the idea of using Craft-Trade but i can not get it to work)



Help Me Someone please

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Those aren’t craft able items with an engram (wood, thatch) so it’s not set up to show an engram to craft. You would need to create engrams for those items if you want the user to be able to craft those items.

If you want to be able to craft those items, then it should be set up like your first screenshot. You would just need to create engrams so they would appear as things you can craft in the inventory.

To do this can I just craft a random engram file and change it to Wood or would I have to create a engram from scratch

Or can I completely add a new item to master items list and engram list as a ‘Wood Craftable’ and with that a player must unlock to Craft-Trade for it