[HELP] Cooking issues with 224.2

SInce I updated to 224.2 whenever I cook my game mod, I get NO errors, but the output folder is totally empty!

Thinking I stuffed something up, I went back through and verified that all my BP’s linked correctly.

RainbowZoo should be well over 10mb in size, get after cooking both the mod folder and output folders where under 500kb.

Then I recreated the level, test game mode and PrimalGameMode_BP by grabbing fresh copies from “generic mod” and recreating them from scratch.

I made sure that the level “rainbowZoo” correctly linked to both the test game and primal game mode.
I went back through every single charactere BP to make sure they all linked correctly.

When I cook it is STILL returning a <500kb size for the output folder, and on steam itself.
So i tried resetting the mod GUID and publisher, recooked and uploaded- same problem.

This is driving me INSANE.

You’re comparing the size, but not the files actually in the folder? That’s a flawed problem solving philosophy if ever I saw one.


That’s because this mod adds seven custom creatures, all with their own unique colorization maps. The mod always has been over 10mb, and NONE of the files that are normally there are in the output folder at all.

I asked because size is generally irrelevant, the DevKit and steam do have some decent compression abilities - at least for ARK mods. If files aren’t there, they’re not being referenced correctly, for whatever reason.

Check the reference viewer for a key file in the mod, say one for one of your creatures that isn’t getting cooked and tinker with the search depth and breadth and see where everything is pointing. Will give you a much better starting point.


Sorry if I came across as snippy, that wasn’t my intention-- just very frustrated.

The problem is that NOTHING gets cooked =(




I’ll go back through every single BP and check the refrences for EVERYTHING tho, see if maybe that is it.

I went through every single file, and checked the reference viewer for each one to make sure that they all connected properly. Every single one was referenced and connected properly.

However, when I cook my mod, it has NO errors, but I still only have the mod.info and modmeta.info files inside the output folder and NOTHING else. At all.

I’m really confused =( can someone suggested something else I could check please, I’m not certain where to go from here.

Does anyone have a suggestion for something I could try?

There are no errors in the logs from the cook, just warnings like this:
Warning: Package F:/Ark/EpicADK/ARKDevKit/ModTools/Output/RainbowZoo/WindowsNoEditor_STAGING/ShooterGame/Content/PrimalEarth/WeaponBow/Animations/FPV_Bow_WP_Fire_Montage.uasset supposed to be in the mods folder: F:/Ark/EpicADK/ARKDevKit/Projects/ShooterGame/Content/Mods

I double checked the reference viewer for EVERY single BP and they all link correctly. I know I’m missing SOMEthing though…

I had this issue when I first started cooking a mod and found that the issue was caused by a few things. First of all and most important, I have noticed the dev kit is very picky about blueprint names. When renaming, try to keep the original portion of the blueprint name and add to it. For example, PrimalGameData_BP_mymod. I originally added my name customization to the beginning rather than the end and ended up with the same result you are seeing. Next, make sure you are creating a map that is linked to the PrimalGameData_BP_mymod and GameMode_mymod. Ctrl+S is your friend, use it often to ensure everything is being saved. Finally, compare your newly created assets with the original assets to ensure you have every reference needed. If something is referenced originally, don’t be afraid to copy it to the mod folder and rename it to ensure the data is accessible. Often time some references are easy to over look.

I tried recreating it from scratch, creating a new primalgameBp, test level and game mode based on generic mod.

then I created a saber_bp child, and copied of the mesh and colorize MIC, dino entry and dinoicon files. I re-cooked and tested in single player-- the game output folder had SOME files in it this time at least, but I can’t summon the create BP ingame at all =(

Did you figure it out? I had the same issue, I took a working command to spawn an item and adapted it to match the location of my modded item.