Help Cooking for Xbox360

Hello guys,

I downloaded the Cover System for UDK (PowerGame), it works, is not perfectly, but for me is more than what I need. I also has a very cool thirdperson camera like Gears of War.

I was able to setup it correctly, change the ini files, compile the UC classes. Also i have done that trick of removing UDKFrontEnd map from the ini files, by placing my custom map, so my custom gametype will be cooked and work perfectly. If i leave the localmap as UDKFrontend, it would overwrite my custom game mode by UTGame, which means no 3rd person.

I packaged the game making it a PC Installer, and it worked fine, it cooked my custom game type (3rd person with cover system).

But the problem is whenever i cooked for xbox360, i don’t know why this custom gametype is not being compiled. Whenever i start my map on my xbox360, the game type is defaulted to UTGame instead of PowerGame.

However, whenever you cook for xbox360, on the Folder UDKGame/Config/Xbox360 there will be a folder called Cooked, which store a copy of the ini files that were injected in the XXX files of the UDKGame/CookedXbox360. And by looking at these ini files, it seems that everything is correct, the defaultgame type on the ini is changed to PowerGame, also the default player controller, and so on.

What I think is that the PowerGame.u (the compiled scripts) they are not being cooked for xbox360. The Xbox360 ini files are correct, but the script PowerGame.u (my custom game mode) is not being compiled for xbox360.

I am attaching to this email all my ini files also the Cover System Scripts, just for you take a look, and see. I think i may be missing some simple setting on the xbox360 ini files.

Could you please take a look?
Also i was thinking, supposing that this does not work, so long as these classes are extended from UDK default classes, wouldn`t be able, in example, to directly change the UTPlayerCharacter class adding the script of the Cover System, because I know that whenever cooking for xbox360, the default UDK/UTGame scripts, they are yes compiled for Xbox360 format, so as long as my custom code is inside the default UTGame Classes, it would be compiled also?


P.S: I think there is nothing wrong on me talking about xbox360 development because now MS allowed anyone to develop for Xbox.