Help - Control Rig Look / Point at constraints

I imported an FBX from Daz3D that features “look/ point at” constraints.
These basically tell the bones to always be rotated towards a specific target point.
I have uploaded an example video of how it should look, the bones in question are the “neck pistons”.

Of course these constraints no longer exist when importing into Unreal.
I tried to recreate the effect with a Control Rig, but so far I could not find a solution.
Here is a short video that shows the problem:

As you can see, the Debug-Line I draw is the optimal line the bones should follow / be rotated along.

It is actually a simple line from Point A (Blue Bone Control) to Point B (Green?/Yellow? Bone Control color blind sorry)

However, I simply cannot find a way to solve this.

Does anyone here know how I could achieve this? I tried the Aim-Node to make the bones aim at each other, but that just screws everything up.