Help Complete beginner, No prior experience!!!

Hello as the tittle says I’m a complete beginner with no previous experience and would like some guidance on this journey that i have decided to take. know there is a world of tutorials out there but for some reason all of the ones i have checked someway somehow assume you have some prior knowledge be it technical, design or something, so i was wondering if someone can point me to one for completely, zero experience beginners tutorial, like all the experience i have is making basic ugly websites with HTML and CSS no I don’t think that is really transferable to UE4! like I know nothing! idk what’s scripting, rendering, rigging, basically nothing that’s why i have come here to ask you guys for help.

Reason i want to this is because i love playing games but i would also like to create my own and now that i have finally built my own computer i think its decent enough for the task at hand! here are the specs just in case: CPU Ryzen 5 1600 at 3.2GHZ, RAM got 16GB, Memory got 1x250GB SSD and 1x1TB and for the GPU got a GTX 1060 6GB.

Now i would also like to know where to start like should i learn UE4 first or should i learn Blender first to create my own assets? should i use Blender or do you recommend another software, free if possible? what other programs do i need to familiarize myself with besides UE4 and Blender to be able to truly make games? do i really need to learn to code on C++? those are all the questions i could think of at this moment.

I appreciate all the answers and help i can get, if I’m posting in the wrong place i apologize for it and really hope someone can help me and guide me to making my first game!:smiley:

just go through documentation on official site. and c++ is not hard. its basics are taught in schools (before universities) so anyone can learn it

Thanks for the answer but i feel like you really didn’t answer any of my questions at all, also i have read part of the documentation but the information is not sticking in at all, and i was never taught any programming or computers in my schools so i don’t think it will be that easy for me to pick up C++.

You can start with both, but giving UE4 more priority.

If free is what you want and you are just starting now with 3d modelling then, yes, Blender is the best choice.
Maya LT is also a “cheap” alternative.

You still need to create textures for the models you create, so, Gimp (free), Photoshop, or my favorite: Substance Painter.

No. Unless you’re doing some advanced multiplayer and other advanced stuff, BP is all you need.
If you don’t have a programming background, then don’t worry about C++ right now. There is a lot of time in the future.
However, once you have learned BP well, then you could dive into C++, if you want.

Thanks EvilCleric your answers where really helpful!