Help - Click to Move to Interactable Object AND Interact with it on the same click?

Heya guys,

I am trying to set up a way so that when you click somewhere, you go to that place, but if there is an Actor underneath where your mouse ‘hit’ was, then not only do you move to that actor but also interact with it at the same time.

I am working on a Top Down RPG game, with similar elements to the MMO game ‘Runescape’.

Here’s what I have so far, dealing with the mouse control/movement/interaction:

Currently, my player character is moving to the interactable actor, and stops after reaching it. I have to then click the actor again after my player character is, I’m assuming and hoping, overlapping with its static mesh before it actually does the interaction. So, I have to click twice instead of doing it all in one go: Move to Actor > If overlapping Actor > begin interact

I am not sure but, is it due to too much time has past since the initial click, or is it that, once it has reached the hit location, it stops/interrupts and doesn’t carry through with the rest of the nodes?

Feedback would be really appreciated! I have been really getting into UE4 as of late and want to crack on with the rest of my project!