[Help] Cinema 4D Workflow in Animation

So… anyone here who Use Cinema 4D …, and when yes how the hell You get your Animation from Cinema 4D in Unreal Engine 4?, i tried so much now…, and i know now Cinema 4D is not friendly to Game Devoplers…,but maybe anyone Can say me a Way to get The Animationen from C4D in Unreal Engine 4…Pleeeaaase, and how u Give the Animation Speerates Names.

Thanks…, and Sorry for so Many Threads the last Days .

Some screenshots for you!


THANKS! Your AWESOME!..but 1 Question how u give your Animations Name over the Keys?.. and Thanks Again!, oh Thats just Markers or?,like a Comment? or can i use this for the Animation Names?

So Heres the 2 Issue… when i Import it is everything Fine, but when i Immport it with Animation its look Like so… issue.png , but in Cinema 4D is everything Okay… so erm What i Can do?

Giving animations names is like exporting Skeletal Meshes, if you click on export FBX you need to enter the name.:slight_smile:
Timeline markers help me on exporting animations (F25Idle -F55IdleEnd…), you can also copy marker name and paste on FBX export.

Axis issue -> rotate the character -90˚(watch Anadins post)

So Thanks again my Friend c: , erm yes but with the Animations “Names” i mean When u Import it its a Option “import animatioN” and then u should type the Animation Name,like in unity, so i Just Should let this Blank?

On import animation into UE4 you dont need to type name,
here is a good tutorial importing meshes with animation:

ahh I Understand it now c:, Thanks Again!