Help Choosing an Engine


I am thinking of creating a game that uses a ton of procedural Generation. I know that what I am planning to do is going to require a lot of processing, and I was curious if there was a big difference between Unity and UE4. I was hoping I could find some reasonable differences of the engines here for this type of question.

So what I am planning on trying to do is have a small chunk of generated land, and on that land are some people, and they will slowly develop technology with procedural generation, using the statistics I assign to the material, and needs that they have. I realize that is kind of insanity, but i know i will have to make consessions to even get basics to run, but that is my ultimate far away dream goal

That’s a bit vague–what kind of things are you trying to do?

Well it’s not the engine but the expected support behind the engine that makes a difference.

Most engine developers will not even talk to you unless your paying for a license that includes a support package where Epic is more interested in helping Indy developers become successful with out asking for credit card information.

Need a unique solution to a problem I would suspect that if you send them a functional source they would at least have a look see.

Thanks for the response. So from what you are saying it appears there is not much of a difference, besides the team’s responses. Thank you very much for giving that information