Help Charge jump with the ability to double jump

I’m New to unreal engine, and i’ve been looking through the forums and researching on my own. But i haven’t been able to find or come up with what i’m looking for. I’m trying to create the option to be able to jump at least twice i.e double jump. Or hold the jump button to charge up for or to maybe three seconds, and If you do charge the max time. You get the full charge jump but if you tap the button you at least get the regular jump. But I’m having no luck figuring it out can some one help me or point me in the right direction.

I think you could start off by looking at this tutorial. Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints Tutorial 7 - Creating a Charge Jump - YouTube
From what I can gather (from skimming through it quickly) the implementation should still work even though the tutorial is a bit old.
There are several ways to improve upon the tutorial though. For example setting max jump height, minimum jump when quickly pressing jump and locking player movement when jump key is held down are some improvements that might or might not suit your project.
I am not currently at my workstation so cannot help you more than this ATM. If you still have issues getting it to work I can create a template for you to look at later today or tomorrow.

Honestly anything you’re willing to create would be of great help. It is always good to see different version of the answer. And I look into the link thank you for that, it seems to have the double jump needed and a it does have a charge. But i feel like either i’m missing something with this blueprint. The way it’s created is there a way where i can separate the first jump and second jump velocity independently of each other. I have been reading and looking up about charges, something related to using a time scale and clamping the range on the charge, something like that make the charge jump easier to control i.e up to 2 seconds = max charge and max jump while just a button press would give me the typical jump z velocity. Maybe this is above my pay grade right now but is the time line/scale and clamp heading around the right direction> Thank you for everything so far.